Member of the Swedish Parliament: ”The situation is serious”

"There are, according to the police, ninety unaccompanied refugees in Uppsala who abuse heroin. Muggings are also carried out by the Moroccan street children," writes Marta Obminska, member of the Swedish Parliament (from “Moderaterna”). Now she demands answers from Interior Minister Anders Ygeman (from "Socialdemokraterna").


Uppsala resident Marta Obminska, member of the Swedish Parliament (”from Moderaterna”), is worried about the development in Uppsala and has sent two written questions to the Interior Minister Anders Ygeman (from ”Socialdemokraterna”).

According to Marta, the situation is serious and has deteriorated considerably in Uppsala. Her question to the Intern Minister is how he intends to come to terms with muggings and drug abuse among unaccompanied refugees.

””There are, according to the police, ninety unaccompanied refugees in Uppsala who abuse heroin. Muggings are also carried out by the Moroccan street children. They are suspected to be a big part of personal robberies – performed to fund addiction – but also other criminal acts”, writes Marta.

– According to police data these criminal acts are committed by unaccompanied refugees and Moroccan  street children. The muggings take place regularly, from early evening to morning. In addition, there was a shooting this weekend. Everyone has to start directing their eyes towards Uppsala, so we can stop and overcome this serious situation, she says to

How serious is the situation, according to you? – This is serious. I have been an Uppsalabo since 1985 and the people, not just girls, find it uncomfortable to go outside. And this applies does not just apply during the night. People avoid Resecentrum and some parts of town. They are attacked with a knife or gun from behind. This is not the Uppsala we desire.

She has asked a similar question to Ygeman, but was not satisfied with the given answer that largely focused on drug abuse.

– The issue is bigger than that. It is obviously a personal tragedy with people who abuse, especially young people and adults. We must do something about all the muggings and shootings, and talk about how we can prevent this both problem which occurs both nationally and locally, says Marta Obminska.

What is your solution? What response do you hope to get? – I have low hopes, because he did not respond properly to my question about personal robberies last time. But recently the news came from Dan Eliasson (Swedish national police chief) that the police may be forced to make layoffs, but we need more police officers. Moderaterna wants at least 2,000 new police officers in 2020 and higher wages.

Is that the solution? – This is no criticism of the Uppsala police. They do their best, but there are too few police offers here. They must be accessible, visible and nearby when something happens. I think that is important.

– Another solution is age assessment. It would make a big difference. I know some Moroccan ”childs” had seven identities, and were over 18 years. They may not be here legally, and are not registered in Sweden. They commit far too many crimes. Drug addiction is a complex issue, but most importantly the police needs reinforcement.

Anders Ygeman could not be reached for comment.